The Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.,
​​​​​​​MBA Fellowship

Gain professional experience with a top investment manager

The Roger W. Ferguson, Jr., MBA Fellowship is an exclusive yearlong program designed to fully immerse first-year MBA students with real-life investment management experience at industry-leading global investment manager, Nuveen.

The program seeks to sponsor outstanding scholars from diverse backgrounds who exhibit exceptional leadership potential, specifically individuals from groups that have historically been under-represented in the financial services industry.

Fellows will be able to tailor the program to fulfill specific areas of interest related to their own career path, developing invaluable financial services acumen that will drive leadership growth, foster professional collaboration skills, and bestow a wealth of strategic insights.


The 2023 Fellows will receive:

  • $10,000 financial scholarship for exceptional academic achievement 
  • Summer Associate internship with Nuveen between the first and second year of business school

  • Consideration for a 2024 full-time employment offer based upon performance and successful completion of the summer internship 

  • An additional $35,000 financial award with acceptance of a full-time offer


Applicants must have at least 2–3 years of previous professional work experience, and identified based on: 

  • Preliminary discovery interviews
  • A demonstrated passion for asset management

  • Quality, logic and rationale for a sound investment analysis 
  • Examples of professional & personal commitment to excellence

Request to be considered

If you would like to be considered for the Roger W. Ferguson, Jr., MBA Fellowship, please email